San Salvador, El Salvador

The trip into El Salvador was pretty nice, much nicer than I expected.  My stay in the capital city of San Salvador was at the very nice Crown Plaza.

They use the US dollar here so there was no hassle of translating money. My first mission after checking in was to get some food.  Lucky for me there was a great restaurant in the near by Plaza Futura. I usually ask for something local and I was not disappointed.  The locals here love their meats and so I had to try a sampler which was served on a moldy piece of wood, guess I can’t get more authentic than that!

The closest adventure to the downtown area, aside from the beaches, is El Boqueron.

It is a national park that is centered by a caldera volcano.  This volcano was recently filled with water but 100 yrs ago it erupted and vaporized it all.

After venturing up a steep set of stairs I was able to make out a big crater…one that was a little underwhelming.

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