Mongols visit Charlotte

I recently got a chance to visit the Genghis Khan exhibit at Discovery Place in uptown Charlotte.  It was pretty good, it really gives you a sense of what life was like during that time period.

The great Khan was a ruthless leader, he is credited with some surprising things that we use in our everyday lives.  Some of these things include: pants, currency, diplomatic immunity, and more as you can see in the image below.

The exhibit was filled with many items of the period and gave a good sense of what life was like at that time.  The picture below is an example what a typical tent dwelling looked like; the Mongols moved around quite a bit so there everyday items were only those of necessity.

There costumes of typical women and men’s clothing which was interesting.  There were also items that were used during down times or times of leisure.  For example, dominoes was a popular game.

One of the most interesting things was the size of the Mongol empire.  It covered most of today’s Asia and parts of Europe.

The Mongols were know for the great war prowess and weaponry which was one of the highlights of the exhibit.  The military powers of today learned a great many tactics from the Mongols.

The exhibit also contained other items from Mongolia, including the ceremonial masks shown below, that gives a good ideas of life there today and some of the customs that has survived to this day.

Overall, the exhibit was well done, but I felt like there could have been a much better audio/video equipment to really draw us in during the exhibit.  The scenes with video and/or sounds of the period were too muffled and needed to be a little louder to be heard above the talking of the crowd.  Other than that, it was well worth the money to visit and learn about the Khan of Khans.

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