San Salvador, El Salvador

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The trip into El Salvador was pretty nice, much nicer than I expected.  My stay in the capital city of San Salvador was at the very nice Crown Plaza. They use the US dollar here so there was no hassle of translating money. My first mission after checking in was to get some food.  Lucky […]



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Panama is one of those places that is easy to fall in love with, which is why so many Americans choose it as a place to retire.  It has all of the amenities that we are used to; they have great hospitals, most people speak English, they use the US dollar and you can get […]


Mongols visit Charlotte

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I recently got a chance to visit the Genghis Khan exhibit at Discovery Place in uptown Charlotte.  It was pretty good, it really gives you a sense of what life was like during that time period. The great Khan was a ruthless leader, he is credited with some surprising things that we use in our everyday […]


Charlotte Skyline

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This is a picture of the Charlotte skyline during the evening and at night.  It was taken in uptown Charlotte on April 10, 2015 from the BB&T ballpark top level.  Camera used was the #Lumia 1520 and edited in Fotor.